Thirty years ago, MegaKC was founded with a few employees and the mission of building and beautifying the Kansas City area.

Today—having weathered two recessions and a pandemic—MegaKC’s 85 employee-owners plan and put in place more than $35 million in projects annually. The firm regularly ranks among the top general contractors in the Kansas City area and has delivered award-winning work on critical infrastructure as well as some of the region’s most popular attractions.

“We are so proud of what MegaKC and our employee-owners have accomplished over our first 30 years,” said Brian Gordon, President and CEO. “Our passion for building, strengthening and beautifying the communities we call home drives our success.”

Gordon also attributes MegaKC’s success to a sense of ownership and pride in the work. MegaKC became an ESOP in 2006 and 100% employee-owned in 2018. The firm self-performs 65% of its work on average. The combination of employee ownership, long-range planning and investment in improvements has resulted in consistent, sustainable growth.

“Our employee-owners take immense pride in our projects and how they impact the neighborhoods where they’re built,” he said.

MegaKC has been an integral part of building the Kansas City metro area through public and private projects including highways, water and wastewater projects, city gateways, transit stations, bridges, trails, playgrounds, parks and aquatic facilities.

Some of MegaKC’s most visible work includes:

MegaKC held a ceremony to commemorate the anniversary on Friday, September 23. However, the company is not one to rest on its laurels.

“The first 30 years have been fantastic,” said Gordon, “but our focus now is on the next 30.'”