5 Benefits of an On-Call Contract

Partnering with a pre-qualified contractor means getting more done, in less time.

The quest for streamlined processes and resource optimization is of utmost importance. On-call contracts emerge as a resilient solution, presenting myriad advantages for both clients and contractors alike. Here, we explore five pivotal benefits that underscore the strategic value of on-call contracts in project execution:

  1. Approval – Allows for an annual spending budget to complete multiple projects with one board/council approval step.
  2. Transparency – Fully transparent bidding, cost tracking, and scheduling throughout the project.
  3. Progress – Ability to complete projects in an efficient, timely manner with competitive pricing with or without design documents.
  4. Cost Management – Cost not to exceed proposal. Contingencies used when necessary, allowing CO’s to be approved by client manager.
  5. Contract Terms – Reach out to see how we can easily set up terms to establish labor and equipment costs.


We are 100% transparent – you see what we see. Our in-depth reporting will give you 100% confidence the job is getting done right at or under budget. The following reports are available if you work with us.

  • Job production Summary Report showing you our projected, estimated, actual man hours on the job.
  • Detailed Cost Estimate displaying a line item of each cost that goes into the job.
  • Project Schedule reporting when and what contractor will be on the job and for how long.
  • Detailed Cost Reports showing what is billed versus original contracted price.
  • Field Track Logs completed by our Superintendent that is on-site 100% of the day.
  • Cash Flow Projection to help with budgeting expenses, and pay estimates to see a breakdown of labor, equipment, material, and subcontractor costs.