Project Description

Piper Creek Pumping Station

Wyandotte County, Kan.

  • Construction of structural concrete structure; installation of two 8-inch submersible pumps, all interior mechanical process piping and valves, several hundred feet of 8-inch gravity sewer, 100 feet of 30-inch gravity sewer more than 30 feet below grade, 500 lineal feet of 12-inch force main pipe, 1,200 lineal feet of 2-inch water service line with several yard hydrants, 800-kilowatt backup generator, 4,000-gallon tank and pump system for bioxide odor control; and associated electrical improvements and automated control systems to power and operate the system.
  • The project encompassed everything needed to construct a new wastewater pump station enabled to receive and pump effluent from several miles of gravity sewer pipe.
  • 2020 ABC Heart of America Excellence in Construction Award